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Welcome to the Java-on-IRC FAQ

This FAQ is here to help you learn the basics of IRC and how to use the PJirc java applet that connects to DarkMyst's #shoujoai. Most of the commands will work with the MaxEvo applet as well, though its features and capabilities may differ. And every command will work with a full-featured IRC client such as mIRC or X-Chat.

How do I join a channel?

Click in the long, thin rectangle at the bottom and type /join #channelname, replacing "channelname" with the channel you want to join (i.e., #shoujoai). This rectangle is where all your text and commands will go.

Can I be on multiple channels at once?

On the DarkMyst applet at least, yes. Just type another join command, and you'll be in both rooms.

How do I know what channels I'm on?

There are two arrowed boxes at the bottom of the window that Say "Public" and "Private." The "Public" arrow will have boxes next to it with the names of channels you are currently in; click on a box to switch back and forth between them.

How do I change my name?

Similarly to joining channels, type /nick NewName, replacing "NewName" with the name you want to use. For example, to change your name to Sakura, type /nick Sakura.

Help! It says someone else owns this name!

Just choose another one. If you delay your name may be reassigned to something like Guest1234, but you can still change it. Note: if you are disconnected, the name's owner may have "ghosted" you; see the section below on server joining to rejoin.

How do I rejoin if I am disconnected?

First check to make sure your internet connection is working. If everything else internet-related still is, you were likely disconnected at the server level. Just type /server to rejoin the server. Then, reset your name and rejoin any channels you were in.

How do I learn more about someone?

If you would like to see what a person's hostmask, name, and joined channels are, type /whois Person. This will show you some information about them (replace "Person" with the name they are using). If you would also like to see how long they have been idle, type /whois Person Person. This is called a "global whois."

What do the "sets mode to +something" messages mean?

The channel operators use these "modes" to help manage the channel. They may apply to a single person, or to the channel itself. Here are the most common:

There are more, but they are of little concern to anyone but channel ops.

I was just kicked off the channel. How do I get back in?

First, stop and ask yourself if you did something to deserve it. Have you been warned multiple times to stop bothering someone, or drop a particular line of conversation? A kick is a reminder to behave; you can rejoin the channel immediately by typing a join command, but stop doing whatever it was you were doing to get kicked. Usually the person doing the kicking will provide a reason.

I was kicked and now I can't get back in. What's going on?

Odds are you repeatedly ignored warnings to stop doing something, and an op set the +b flag on you before or after kicking. This is called a kickban and, until it's lifted, you're not getting back in. If you feel you have been unfairly banned, send email to Hazuki or Lady Meg if you cannot get in contact with the one who banned you and they will review your ban. If an op mistargets, they will usually immediately remove it and private-message you with an apology, and you can rejoin.

How do I get made an op?

Usually, you don't. Permanent ops are chosen by the channel founder, and any op may temporarily place +o status on someone, but for the most part the op list remains static. Also, asking for ops is a sure-fire way to make sure you never get them.

Where can I learn more?

The internet has any of a number of much more in-depth IRC FAQs than this one. Google for them, or read the one on the mIRC site.