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The Disaffected Life by Monikku
Tags: Angst, Angst, Sailormoon, Haruka
(BSSM) This is a Haruka-centric fic, dealing with her background. I had always found it intriguing that Haruka seemed to be wholly parentless in both the manga and anime, this fic is my interpretation of how that came to be.
Vessels of Fate; Blood of the Mountains by Monikku
Tags: Drama, Sailormoon, Rei
A shoujoai drama, this story centers around the inner senshi, placing heavy emphasis upon Rei, Minako, and Usagi: A new enemy unburies hidden feelings, and brings great sorrow and catharsis to the senshi clan.
Rising Like Embers by Monikku
Tags: Romance, Sailormoon
Haruka and Michiru are drawn together from across a crowded room.
Lessons in Humanity by Monikku
Tags: Drama, Angst, Sailormoon, Hotaru
Saturn/Hotaru pairing. This fic is within the manga continuity. It delves into Saturn and her possible thoughts and feelings revolving around being a separate entity from Hotaru.
The Unforeseen by Monikku
Tags: Romance, Suikoden 3
This fic is an internal monologue for Yun. Yun/Chris pairing.
One Word You Could Say... by Monikku
Tags: Romance, Sailormoon, Fluff
Haruka/Michiru - This fic is set before the S Arc of the anime. Pure fluff.
The Queen Angelfish by Monikku
Tags: Romance, Lime, Mai Hime
Shizuru/Natsuki - An ethereal, surrealistic telling of Shizuru and Natsuki's first time. It is somewhat of a character analysis as done through the act of sex.
The Tide by Monikku
Tags: Angst, Angst, Mai Hime
A rather dark, heavy piece on Shizuru. Possible series.
Tall, Dark, and Bishoujo by Monikku
Tags: Comedy, Crossovers

A crazy-ass cross over with Azumanga Daioh, Maria-sama ga Miteru,  and Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibto, including cameos from a few other series.

The story is basically as the title suggests; revolves around characters being tall, dark, and irresistably bishoujo. It is great for a laugh! 

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