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Story title
Be Kind to Me by AdventFalls
Tags: Comedy, Misc, General, Mild Sexual Content
(Summon Night: Swordcraft Story) Pratty has finally realized her dream of becoming a Craftlord. So why is it that she still isn't completely happy?
The Lost Years by AdventFalls
Tags: Action/Adventure, Comedy, General, Romance, Violence, Mild Sexual Content, Out of Character, Mild Language, Zelda
(Legend of Zelda)- What would've happened if Ganondorf had known what Link was destined to do? A humorous look at what changes, and why it isn't quite a happy ending just yet. Takes place during and after Ocarina of Time.
Dual Fighters by AdventFalls
Tags: Action/Adventure, Comedy, Romance, Adult Language, Violence, Mild Sexual Content, Ranma 1/2, Alternate Universe, Ukyou Kuonji, Shampoo, Ranma Saotome, Nabiki Tendou, Kodachi Kunou, Kasumi Tendou, Ms. Hinako, Akane Tendou
What if Kasumi was sent with Ranma on his infamous trip to China?
Not Quite Cinderella by AdventFalls
Tags: Comedy, Original, Drama, Romance, Adult Language, Mild Sexual Content, Shoujo-ai Ever After: The Faerie Tale Project
A girl who's never been noticed gets the shock of her life on her 18th birthday. But can magic stand up to a fearsome stepmother?
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