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The Angel's Predator by Jebus-San
Tags: Action/Adventure, Original, Fantasy, Mystery, Mild Sexual Content, Lemon, Alternate Universe, Mild Language
A predator, a victim, an angel and a new generation. Vanessa Harolds is an average bitchy teenager, until the confusion came, confusing her even more, preventing her from knowing the truth, or protecting the truth. She has to learn more about her past, her future, and most important; her ancestor.
A Seperation by Jebus-San
Tags: Action/Adventure, Original, Mild Sexual Content, Rape, Mild Language
Yolanis, a world where nothing is equal between two classes; Arco Nolanis's Children and Arco Monana's Slavers and a world where it is separated from many other worlds. Rose Woods, a Trail-Follower from Anbita is about to figure out what's actually going on in that place of inequality.
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