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Ichigo by Ichigo_Kitsune
Tags: Misc, Romance, Incest, Ichigo Mashimaro
(Ichigo Mashimaro) No, I have not done anything that one might think is wrong. Except for this: I fell in love with my sister, and for that, I am tainted. Nobue/Miu
In the Mirror by Ichigo_Kitsune
Tags: Original, General
Short drablet. "Samantha dissappears like a puff of smoke, and in her place is Sam."
Proportions by Ichigo_Kitsune
Tags: Angst, Poetry
She never loved me. I loved her, I lost her, and now I'm going to lose her again.
Insomnia, Lakes, and White Pajamas by Ichigo_Kitsune
Tags: Original, Romance, Mild Sexual Content, Fluff, Mild Language
16-year-old lesbian Jeanie loves her best friend, Jessica. She goes to the lake to think, and Jessica finds her. Not the best of summaries.
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