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Latroci by Camena_Versus
Tags: Action/Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Misc, Romance, Strong Sexual Content, Character Death, Rape, Mild Violence
Every 1,000 years the Goddess descends to pass Judgement; every 1,000 years she brings destruction and despair to the land and its people. But this time, the Witch of the Crystal has bought humanity an extra 1,000 years in hopes of defeating the Goddess. Now, 1,000 years after the Witch's battle, a Latroci must rally the people of a broken land on borrowed time to find and fight the Goddess before she recovers. PAIRING: Latroci/Rosalia -- Valhalla Knights 2
Dove in the Mirror by Camena_Versus
Tags: Misc, Romance, Strong Sexual Content, Angst, Lemon, Lime, Fluff
The Queen wants Snow White's heart; Snow White wants the Queen's. Both are stubborn in getting what they want and will show one another in the most physical of ways. [LEMON]"Snow White and the Huntsman"Pairing: Snow White/Queen Ravenna
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