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Dragonia, the Kingdom of Dragons by sandr17
Tags: Action/Adventure, Original, Fantasy, Violence, Novels
"I’m going to talk to you about a Kingdom that noone has ever heard about. You think you know this planet and every place on it ?" She looks up again suddenly as she asks her question. She doesn’t really want an answer but some people nods anyway. She talks again. "Well, you’re wrong. There are many places in this world that you can’t imagine even in your craziest dreams. And I’m going to tell you how a young girl found about one of these places." She looks in the campfire once again and doesn’t talk for some long seconds. Her eyes take a dreamy look as if she was really in her own memories, then she starts talking again. "Everything began about two years ago in another French city, a town rather far away from here besides…"
Living for you by sandr17
Tags: Dark, Poetry
Just a little poem.
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