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Tea Leaves, Coffee Beans, and a Touch of Mint. by Love-is-god
Tags: Comedy, Drama, Romance, Mild Sexual Content, Angst, Fluff, Mild Language, Mai Hime

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"After the HiME Festival, things go back to normal in the land of Fuuka: Kikukawa Yukino is still in love with the hot-headed defender of justice and morality, Suzushiro Haruka, and Haruka will likely never notice.  But what when it becomes too much to bear and Yukino runs out on a meeting, something is set into motion that will ultimately bring her confession.  And what role does one Fujino Shizuru have in all of this?"

  Special Thanks to my editor, whom I know as Enshi:  Besides being the most awesome editor in the history of the universe, he also deserves all the credit for the summary and title, both of which far outstrip my puny efforts towards in those fields.


Beginnings- Yukino & Haruka by Love-is-god
Tags: Romance, Humor, Mai Hime

A series of shorts about the development of Yukino and Haruka's relationship from the day they met to wherever life might take them.

Hesitation by Love-is-god
Tags: Angst, Romance, Mai Hime
Yukino and Haruka are a whole. They complete one another, balance one another, build each other up. But humans alone are frail beings, with fragile bodies and even more fragile minds, and they can't always be counted on to make decisions in their own, or other's, best interests. Haruka's has her foolhardy pride, and Yukino has her heart-wrenching hesitation. I love a happy ending, but what might happen if that hesitation were to win in Yukino's heart? What might happen if she were to always stop herself, to never allow herself to be that person that Haruka needs, and therefore never allow Haruka to be that person that she needs?
Familiar Unfamiliarity by Love-is-god
Tags: General, Hidamari Sketch

Another year of school to come, another year of tears and laughs, another year of experiences to be had and stories to be made.

Held fast by bonds of friendship, the four girls of the Hidamari Apartments think to live their lives as always this year.

But things have a way of changing under your nose, and Yuno finds herself scrambling to hold together the people she cares about, confronted first by mysterious conflict in her two most unshakable friends, and also working to unravel what she really feels for the friend that always manages to put a smile on her face.

What Worth a Leaf in a Storm? by Love-is-god
Tags: Action/Adventure, Drama, Romance, Adult Language, Violence, Mild Sexual Content, Sailormoon, Ami, Makoto

The Silver Millenium has brought peace and prosperity the likes of which the world has never known, but some peoples of the Earth remain discontent.
A new conflict gathers the senshi together, reuniting old friends and giving some a renewed chance at love, though what might it mean for Makoto and Ami when Sailor Jupiter finds herself the subject of the enemy's most brutal attention?

El Hogar Viejo by Love-is-god
Tags: Comedy, Romance, Mild Sexual Content, Humor, Haibane Renmei
They were freed from the bindings of sin as Haibane, and flew beyond the Walls that held them. In a new life, in a new place, Reki and Rakka find themselves together again, with no memory of their past. Can they now, perhaps, find the love before denied them by the rules of the world behind the Wall?
Still-life Sketch in Motion by Love-is-god
Tags: Comedy, Romance, Mild Sexual Content, Humor, Hidamari Sketch

    Farewell Yamabuki High School, hello the thrills and adventures of a lifetime!

    In  college, in careers, in luck and in love, where will the girls previously of the Hidamari Apartments find themselves going on the road of life? 

Stretch Right Up And Touch The Sky by Love-is-god
Tags: Romance, Read or Die, Maggie Mui, Nenene Sumiregawa
Nenene is restless the first long summer night after Yomiko and Nancy depart for more travels around the world, and discovers that she isn't the only one. A first summer night, a first move made... and a first kiss.
Two Kitties' Curiosity by Love-is-god
Tags: Drama, Romance, Mild Sexual Content, Mild Language, Humor, Mai Hime

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 Mai, her friends--and those less than friends--try their hand at normal life their next year at Fuuka Academy. However, personal loose ends and a surprising move by the financial backers of the school look to make life anything but easy for them.

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