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Story title
See with your heart by Tukuyomi
Tags: Romance, Xenosaga

After the incident at Proto Merkabah, Shion ponders on her feelings for a certain blue-haired girl.

Takes place after Episode I.

A new life by Tukuyomi
Tags: Drama, Romance, Chrono Cross

Life is a difficult thing to bear alone, and when Harle finds herself chased by the Dragon Gods, she accepts the help of her former enemy, Kidd. Their journey across El Nido and beyond begins, in search of help, answers, and love.

'Back to the roots' or 'Taking a whole new path' by Tukuyomi
Tags: Action/Adventure, Drama, Romance, Chrono Cross

Sequel to 'A new life'

What to do when life has calmed down? Harle and Kidd decide not to end their adventures just yet, but little do they know what they have gotten themselves into this time...

Selfish Shellfish by Tukuyomi
Tags: Misc, General, Romance, Elfen Lied

[Elfen Lied]

What starts as an ordinary day in the lives of Mayu and Nana, quickly turns into something else entirely. For better or for worse.

Soulmates by Tukuyomi
Tags: Action/Adventure, Romance, Read or Die
It's a special day for Anita, but little does she know of the problems awaiting her. When everything seems to go wrong, will Anita manage to sort things out?
Singing A Song You Don’t Know by Tukuyomi
Tags: Romance, Noir, Fluff, Humor, Mireille Bouquet, Kirika Yuumura
What do professional assassins do when they get into an argument? On Valentine's day? ...and what exactly was that pool table for, again?
S Tide Evol. by Tukuyomi
Tags: Romance, Incest, Dead or Alive
Summer, sun, and an isle full of girls who can't really keep their hands off each other. Hitomi/Leifang mainly.
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