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Real name: Anabel.Sinclair

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Story title
Nameless by Brave_quill
Tags: Action/Adventure, Drama, Romance, Mild Sexual Content, Mild Language, Short Stories

One shot fic about a wannabe racer and her much deriled car. just read it ^^;;

My Flamencita by Brave_quill
Tags: General, Romance, Fluff, Short Stories

The flamenco is a dance of rhythm and passion...and a whole lot of history...just like the two of us

Oneshot ^^;

Cry Wolf by Brave_quill
Tags: Drama, Fantasy, Misc, Suspense, Shoujo-ai Ever After: The Faerie Tale Project, Character Death, Mild Violence
My take on a faerie tale about a cartain girl, a wolf and a red riding hood
The Devil's Advocate by Brave_quill
Tags: Comedy, Drama, Misc, Parody, Romance, Adult Language, Shoujo-ai Ever After: The Faerie Tale Project, Dark, Lime, Fluff
My take on a well known Legend about a mortal, a deal and the devil.
The End of the Road by Brave_quill
Tags: Angst, Original, Tragedy, Character Death, Mild Violence, Mild Language, Short Stories
I'm standing here and you're lying there...and I saw it all coming.
Am I Blue? by Brave_quill
Tags: Original, Fantasy, Mystery, Romance, Shoujo-ai Ever After: The Faerie Tale Project, Dark, Lime, Mild Violence, Short Stories
My Take on old Bluebeard's tale
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