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366th Overlord by madhatterwriter
Tags: Original, Fantasy, Mild Sexual Content, Mild Violence, Mild Language
You've heard the story, about that one princess who got killed in the beginning and sets the heroine on a path of loss, love and revenge! Well, guess what? That's not the story. The story is about that princess, Arilyn, who gets resurrected beyond the Chasm, in land of demons by an overachieving mage, Jaya. However, the circumstances to why she was killed in the first place has her desperately trying to get back to her own land, Landoa, and into the arms of the woman she loves. It gets even more complicated as Jaya's renegade sister, Kalee, mysteriously crosses over to Landoa bent on a nefarious plan. Now Arilyn, with the help of Jaya and the enigmatic Harduke, must put a stop to Kalee's evil plans but things are not what they seem....
The Heartless Bastard by madhatterwriter
Tags: Original, Fantasy, Mild Sexual Content, Dark, Mild Violence, Mild Language, Short Stories
A short story of 3 to 5 parts. Premise so far: Reese is searching for a man named Gerimiah in a kingdom ruled by a religious order. Knowing that the man is an Archmon, she conceives a plan to lure him out except it doesn't go the way she planned....
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