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Blade Princess (Under long standing Revision) by DarkMistress
Tags: Angst, Original, Fantasy, Horror, Romance, Sci-Fi, Adult Language, Violence, Strong Sexual Content, Self Insertion, Angst, Dark, BDSM, Transgenders, Novels

Set in a post apocalyptic world plauged by demons, the Country Of Japan long standing in it's peace left it fairly untouched by the wars that destroyed many countries only sixty years ago. These wars had an unforseen event, many younger people around the world began developing strange and inhuman powers that were inexplainable. This was only the begining, a company of former monks and priests who led lives as excorsists, began bringing these people into their ranks eventualy establishing them as a governmental power house. At first they were a long standing joke, it would have stayed that way if not for the rifts in the skys, demons began pouring forth into the human world with ill effects. These exorcists were given power and wealth to fight these demon using these people with extordinary people as their main weapons.

 One such weapon was an innocent girl who at the age of 10 was kidnapped by a cruel and corrupt government, left in a medical facility to the whims of an insane bio-geneticist. She stayed in a medial coma for years under his poking and proding until.

Mercenary Gray by DarkMistress
Tags: Action/Adventure, Original, Romance, Adult Language, Violence, Strong Sexual Content, Novels

A few days in the life of a possibly insane Mercenary with a thing for destuction...And Women. Follow her storry as she fights her way through the battlefields of love and war.

Matters of the Heart by DarkMistress
Tags: Angst, Original, Romance, Mild Sexual Content, Angst, Dark, Transgenders, Novels
A story about a lonley girl who was once a boy, spurned by the woman she loved who is to say what it might take to save her empty and barren heart. If she does fall for another would she hurt who ever she get's close to? Can she love again? Will that pain ever fade? are only a few of thee questions that she must face and over come if she ever wishes to be loved again.
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