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Story title
Depression by ALLjapan
Tags: Slice of Life, Novels
What will happen when Delilah decides that life isn't worth it no more....
.Don't_Say_You_Love_Me. by ALLjapan
Tags: Romance, Mild Sexual Content, Short Stories
What is this...this 'love'?
just kiss me already by ALLjapan
Tags: Original, Misc, Slice of Life, Short Stories
what will happen when a kiss between friends sparks something within azaria? <3
AriSaki-In The Rain by ALLjapan
Tags: Romance, Fruits Basket, Arisa Uotani

love is sometimes harder to find when its right in front of you


say it already... by ALLjapan
Tags: Angst, Original, Adult Language

two girls having fun; what happens if one wants to move it up a notch....especily seeing that the agreement was that FFFFFFFFFFuuun was all that was allowed...?


New School = A Second Chance At Love... by ALLjapan
Tags: Original, Misc, Romance, Strong Sexual Content

RP with lizluck from chatango edited into a story


Tags: Original, Misc, Romance, Alternate Universe, Fairy/Folk Tales
The demon falls for the maiden; will their love be powerful enough to join them together?
Not My Fault- one shot by ALLjapan
Tags: Original, Misc, Romance
Can you really blame someoe for just being sexy and so oh very lovable?
Tags: Original, Misc

Lanna is new to school and Ayumi is a bit..odd.

Will their relationship grow and blossom; or go down in flames?

read to find out~!

RE: Claire X Alice by ALLjapan
Tags: Romance, Mild Sexual Content, Resident Evil
An attack from the evil corperation Umbrella has failed once again. Claire and Allice retreat to their room after an awkward moment up on deck of the Umbrellas ship. It leads to a saucy night shared among the two fights.
Leviathan by ALLjapan
Tags: Action/Adventure, Original, Novels, Short Stories

Taniths parents do not trust her to stay at their home in the suburbs of the city on her own while they go off on their anniversary.

So a disappointed Tanith is going to have to be dropped off at an aunt and uncles play by the country side? But will this turn out to be the biggest mistake of their lives? When Tanith, Her cousins Louise and Grace along with Louises buff boyfriend plus his sister Annette all fine a cave which leads to an adventure, which puts ALL their live at risk...


...:Lily Flower:... by ALLjapan
Tags: Original, Misc, Mild Sexual Content, Short Stories

Carla finds a Lily Flower, leading to a steamy afternoon of passion.

RP that I did :3 Enjoy


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