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Crimson Regret by Shadowflame66
Tags: Action/Adventure, Original, Fantasy, Romance, Adult Language, Violence, Dark, Novels

A knight battling her own insanity seeks some form of redemption for her actions; as if in answer she meets an assassin who chooses her over her old life. The assassin's old life isn't quite so willing to let go, however, and the knight's past is close behind.

What's worse, there's a clock ticking down on the time they have. As they attempt to outrun their pasts, their future rushes to meet them...

Birthed By Fire by Shadowflame66
Tags: Action/Adventure, Angst, Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi, Tragedy, Adult Language, Violence, Dark, Mass Effect
Sometimes the person Fate chooses as the hero is the least heroic; Kira Shepard embodies this "ideal". Consistently burned and stronger through the process, she isn't the type of person anyone wants to put trust into, but she's the only one who can get it done. With a threat to all sentient life looming on the horizon and Light failing, the galaxy turns to its final defense - Darkness. FemShep / Miranda.
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