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Trust by SDasher
Tags: Action/Adventure, Angst, Original, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Adult Language, Violence, Strong Sexual Content, Angst, Lemon, Character Death, Dark, Lime, Slice of Life, Thriller, Novels
Adri'nys is the last surviving member of her high elven bloodline and struggles to survive in a paradise-turned-battlefield. Talik, once her home, has been deformed by civil war as the families feud over who shall inherit the throne. Adri'nys' family are next in line, but she does not wish to rule. A story of confliction and growth.
When the Smoke Clears by SDasher
Tags: Action/Adventure, Drama, Misc, General, Romance, Adult Language, Violence, Mild Sexual Content, Dark, Lime, Fluff
As a string of gas station robberies terrorizes the inner suburbs of Mount Narlassus, a young Irish girl living in America thinks her life is getting to finally be normal - But who's this mysterious woman she keeps seeing around town, and why does being scared of her feel surprisingly good?
The Things We Do For Love by SDasher
Tags: Angst, Original, Drama, Romance, Violence, Angst, Dark, Mild Violence
Snap took Suzie a while back. Now a lowly tunnel-rat wants her back. One-Shot.
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