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Ranma-chan the Bondage Pet by MsYuriRope
Tags: Action/Adventure, Comedy, Parody, Romance, Ranma 1/2, Lime, BDSM, Alternate Universe, Harem, Harem, Ukyou Kuonji, Shampoo, Ranma Saotome, Nodoka Saotome, Nabiki Tendou, Kodachi Kunou, Kasumi Tendou, Ms. Hinako, Akane Tendou, Other
Alternate universe fic. What if Ranma's curse was irreversible, and was stuck as a girl? What if the Tendou sisters were orphaned, and a certain perverted old man taught them how to take care of themselves? When Ranma-chan meets the girls under these conditions, it could only spell distaster for her. *READ THE WARNINGS PLEASE*
Gagged Cops by MsYuriRope
Tags: Action/Adventure, Lime, BDSM, You're Under Arrest
Miyuki and Natsumi come home from work with two days off ahead. However, plans for two days of rest and relaxation are changed when two burglars break into their apartment, and they find themselves at the mercy of two women with a lot of rope, a few gags, and bad intentions.
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