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Story title
Soft Kisses by Zoeylicious
Tags: Romance, Mild Sexual Content, Kingdom Hearts
Naminé and Kairi are on Destiny Islands. Just a little short story. =)
Take a Chance by Zoeylicious
Tags: Romance, Naruto, Hinata, TenTen
Hinata and TenTen hang out together in the Ninja Academy. What will happen?
Butterfly Kisses by Zoeylicious
Tags: Original, Romance
Colette waits sliently for her best friend Sarah. More then just friends? Is that even possible?
Hold Me Close by Zoeylicious
Tags: Original, Romance

Amber and Erika hang out for the night. And Erika knows what it's like to be held.

 Another short story. =/

Surprise My Friend by Zoeylicious
Tags: Original, Romance
Beccah and I hang around at my place for a while. I never did think that a simple game of questions would get us to that point.
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