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Take Me Away by cjnosall
Tags: Action/Adventure, Violence, Novels, Peter Pan
Logan is the average shy girl who gets bored at school, waiting for something to happen. When the unexpected happens is she ready for it?
New Life by cjnosall
Tags: Action/Adventure, Original, Fantasy, Romance, Mild Sexual Content, Novels
This story is about an "angel" (actually half human half demon) who was created by man and eperimented with. She is tortured everyday and she has finally had enough.
Kiss of life by cjnosall
Tags: Fantasy, Romance, Mild Violence, Short Stories
Death is such a terrible force, but what if you got a second chance at life?
Slow Suicide by cjnosall
Tags: Adult Language, Poetry
This is a poem I decided to write about my 4 year crush (my best friend). Enjoy.
Searching For You by cjnosall
Tags: Original, Mystery, Poetry
A passionate poem I wrote.
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