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Opal Shire Landing by Jessica Knight
Tags: Firefly
Kaylee and River are stranded on a planet named Opal Shire. Kaylee, once more than a little apprehensive of River, starts to see her friend in a new light. Can she help River, still haunted and hurt by what's happened to her in her past, start to really live again?
The Kind of Girl I Go For by Jessica Knight
Tags: Drama, Romance, Slice of Life, Peach Girl, Momo, Sae
Sae has been the only one to stand up for Momo, and because of that Momo finds she's fallen in love... But how will it go when she tells Sae the truth? That she's fallen for her, and not, as Sae suspects, a boy?
Strike A Chord, Sing Revolution... by Jessica Knight
Tags: Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Slice of Life, Juri, Utena, Kozue, Wakaba, Nanami, Shiori, Anthy
(Juri/Utena) Have you ever wondered what things might have been like, if Juri had been the current champion of the duels when Utena became involved in them?
The Bracelet by Jessica Knight
Tags: Drama, General, Horror, Romance, Supernatural, Mild Sexual Content, Mild Violence, Mild Language, Angel The Series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Slice of Life, Cordelia, Buffy, Gwen, Amy
A really different take on some stuff from the Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel shows (you don't have to have watched the show at all to read this though, not that sort of story). Buffy moves to Sunnydale in her junior year and meets a girl there. Of course her dreams are telling her she's destined to be killed by Darla the vampire, she has to deal with an ex girlfriend following her from LA, and there's, like, a big bunch of demons too.
SILVER & GOLD by Jessica Knight
Tags: Action/Adventure, Original, Drama, Fantasy, General, Romance, Sci-Fi, Mild Violence, Slice of Life, Novels
Yana Starling is a revolutionary fighting for her people's freedom. Her skin's hue is Gold, but to the Silvers who are in power, a Gold is a second class citizen at best, a slave at worst. It is a struggle that cost Yana the woman she loved. While trying to right that wrong though, Yana finds herself in trouble because of a charming thief with a past perhaps as stormy as her own. Both revolutionaries in their own ways, can their fledgling love survive the times ahead?
Moonlit by Jessica Knight
Tags: Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Supernatural, Gargoyles, Demona, Elisa Maza
Dominique Destine has a secret, a secret life full of tragedy and magic that she's lived for a thousand years. In all that time, she's learned one lesson above all: Don't trust humans, ever. So then, when police detective Elisa Maza comes to her rescue one night when she really needs it, how is it that she suddenly finds herself ignoring that lesson in the worst way possible, by falling in love?
Beyond My Knowing by Jessica Knight
Tags: Star Trek Voyager
Leaving a peaceful life under the surface of her barren world, Kes travels up to the surface and through the desert. What she finds is danger, hardship, and... love, in the form of Anara, a beautiful Kazon woman who all too easily captures her heart. Anara was cast out of her community because of her failing eyesight, and she and her two young children have almost starved to death when Kes finds them. Kes helps them survive, and they become her family.
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