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Artificially intelligent by UFF139823HE
Tags: Action/Adventure, Romance, Sci-Fi, Adult Language, Violence, Mild Sexual Content, Character Death, Dark, Novels

Meet Zsaryn Kor Syl

An unknown person within the Navy, having graduated with distinction fairly recently from the Fleet academy, you wouldn't be able to tell her from any other Navy Brat who just graduated from the academy.
But Zsaryn is different.She's a prototype system, the first of a new breed of ship commanders for the combined Sorn Navy, donated by her parents to the  highly secretive, highly specialised scientific wing of the armed forces known only as the CGA.
Now, she's the perfect Naval officer for the Imperial navy, able to learn quickly, and link with almost any data sharing system, obedient to the letter, she's the perfect naval officer.

Meet Annie KellarShe's the opposite to Zsaryn in almost every way possible, a big, brash Human Marine from the wrong side of the tracks, scraped her way into the marine corps by sheer luck alone, always in trouble with the military police in one way or another and with practically no manners whatsoever, you wouldn't consider her to be an ideal roomie for a prototype navy officer.

But someone high up has a sick, twisted sense of humor, and so as Zsaryn takes command of her first charge, the frigate Vigilance, the two find themselves thrust together, and somehow they have to make themselves get along...
One thing's for sure.
It's going to be a very lively first tour. 

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