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Kiss Me, I'm Drunk by Rhianwen
Tags: Comedy, Romance, Read or Die, Maggie Mui, Nenene Sumiregawa
Nenene discovers the delightful mixture that is Bailey’s Irish Cream and coffee, and Maggie tries to deal with the result. Random silliness, no offence intended.
Perfect: An Anita/Hisami Interlude by Rhianwen
Tags: Comedy, Romance, Read or Die, Anita King, Maggie Mui, Nenene Sumiregawa, Hisami
Anita rants. Hisami lends an ear and some advice. Cute, sugary fluff. Wildly OOC. A sequel of sorts to "Kiss Me, I'm Drunk". Very slight Anita/Hisami, mentions of Nenene/Maggie.
Red-Haired Anita by Rhianwen
Tags: Romance, Angst, Read or Die, Anita King, Hisami
Hisami ponders her friendship with Anita and the parallels to the story of "Red-Haired Anne", and recalls something that worries her. Tohru lends an ear. (Anita/Hisami, one-sided Tohru/Hisami)
Little Puffs of Steam by Rhianwen
Tags: General, Romance, Read or Die, Yomiko Readman, Maggie Mui, Nenene Sumiregawa
Even now that she’s found her longabsent muse again, they probably won’t do this often anymore. Not exactly like this. But there are always things to take the edge off. Slight NeneneMaggie, slight YomikoNenene, slight YomikoNancy, all mostly friendshippy. Read or Die
On One Condition by Rhianwen
Tags: Comedy, General, Romance, Read or Die, Michelle Cheung, Nenene Sumiregawa
Her plans for the evening have just fallen through, and all she really wants is to go home. Michelle has other ideas. What’s a Nenene to do? Shortfic. Michelle/Nenene, (very) mildly shippy.
What Are the Odds? by Rhianwen
Tags: Comedy, General, Romance, Read or Die, Fluff, Nancy Makumari, Wendy
A freak occurance to end all freak occurances. A friendship forged in alcohol. A night to remember. Or maybe not. Nancy/Wendy drunken shenanigans, set pre-OVA. Written along the assumptions that Nancy likes pretty girls, and Wendy likes to snuggle. Read or Die****Nancy/Wendy
Good Clean Fun and Other Myths of Modern Day Life by Rhianwen
Tags: Comedy, Romance, Read or Die, Maggie Mui, Nenene Sumiregawa
A nice night out: that's all they wanted. But Maggie and Nenene's plans are thrown into chaos by a revelation about Michelle's secret relationship...
Neither Here Nor There by Rhianwen
Tags: Misc
[A Harvst Moon: Magical Melodies story] Dia used to dream about true love, in all its crystal-bright, unattainable glory. But lately, she's just not interested anymore. Unrequited Dia/Gina.
Beautiful by Rhianwen
Tags: General, Read or Die, Fluff, Mild Language
The woman is beautiful, with the face of a goddess and a body to put any goddess to shame, or Wendy might have paid attention in those mythology class instead of doodling puppies and bunnies and smiley-flowers. Light Nancy/Wendy, pre-OAV.
Friend of a Friend by Rhianwen
Tags: Romance, Read or Die, Fluff
Nenene knows that Yomiko wants them to be friends, but she doesn't do things unless she wants to. It just so happens that in this case, she wants to. Nenene/Nancy friendshippy.
Before the Storm by Rhianwen
Tags: Angst, Read or Die, Mild Language
Two women who aren't as different as they'd like to be, and the girl who is all they had in common. MidEpisode 24. Lots of NeneneYomiko, vague hinting at YomikoWendy, tiny bit of NeneneWendy that isn't really.
Clips and Phrases by Rhianwen
Tags: Romance, Fluff, Incredibles (The), Mirage, Violet
An unlikely couple and the moments they share. Violet/Mirage entry for 1sentence challenge on livejournal.
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