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Story title
Winter's Kiss by horsewithnoname
Tags: Angst, Original, Dark, Poetry
Lost in Winter's deadly Kiss
Seperated by dawn's breath by horsewithnoname
Tags: Original, Poetry

Just a really short poem.

Forever Friends by horsewithnoname
Tags: Original, General, Poetry

a poem about a girl recalling the memories of her best friend who she had a crush on then putting them away trying to forget.

heaven by horsewithnoname
Tags: Romance, Poetry
A poem about a girl who is seperated from her love because of her love,
Bitter sweet by horsewithnoname
Tags: Original, Angst, Slice of Life, Poetry
a longer poem I guess I'd catagorize it as of. a girl who stays the night with a friend who she still loves. more of an emotinal bitter sweet thing, better read and interpretted i suppose then explained.
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