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Once More by FireLuna
Tags: Original, Drama, Adult Language, Novels

Once More is a story about a girl named Sophie, who attends an all girls' high school in the United States. The only problem about going to an all girls' school: being a lesbian among stright girls. Sophie doesn't particularly care about that, though. The girls at her school are super preppy and slutty. But then, on Halloween, a new girl arrives at the school: Opal. Opal and Sophie hit it off right away, but things quickly go amiss when Sophie's mom announces that she's getting married -- to Opal's father! Now the two lovers must find a way to tell their parents about their love while not destroying the love their parents have for one another, and also find a way to stay with each other now that they've found one another. Can the two young women defeat the odds and stay with each other through all the ordeals to come? Or will they be separated due to their parents or by other means?

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