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The Summons by bluerosethorn
Tags: Horror, BDSM, Avatar: Last Airbender


 ...Okay, fine. I don't own Avatar:The Last Airbender, or any of its characters, settings, storylines, or partridges in pear trees, nor do I make a dime off anything I write about them.

Also, this story contains much lesbian rape and a little torture. So if that's not your thing, don't read it, mkay?

Tyzula Oneshot by bluerosethorn
Tags: Strong Sexual Content, Avatar: Last Airbender

Ty Lee and Azula prison sex scene. Completely and utterly gratuitous. Mmyep. XD


OBLIGATORY DISCLAIMER - don't own A:tLA, its characters, don't make money off it, etc etc

Revenge by bluerosethorn
Tags: Angst, Violence, Angst, Dark, Rape, Thriller, Avatar: Last Airbender
Mai's still a bit upset with Azula after the War, and tortures her. Yep. That's it. Goes no deeper than that.
Voracious Drabble by bluerosethorn
Tags: Rape, Avatar: Last Airbender, Ty Lee

So this is a random extension I did, purely for the heck of it, to Walkingpapers's "Voracious," a fic on adulfanfic in which June gets a witch to give her *ahem* a male organ, and she then proceeds to rape the crap out of Azula.

Hey, I like sadism. What can I say? XD 

Junzula Oneshot - The Whip by bluerosethorn
Tags: Lemon, Avatar: Last Airbender, Azula
Azula gets a nocturnal visit from an unexpected source. XD
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