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Story title
Kaleido Stages of Love by HuntressDarkmoon
Tags: Romance, Mild Sexual Content, Kaleido Star

Sora and Layla find out they have more in common than just a love of the stage.

St. Andrews Double Cross by HuntressDarkmoon
Tags: Fantasy, Adult Language, Strong Sexual Content, Lemon, Rape, BDSM, Final Fantasy XI
A young Mithra gets a lesson in how not to steal from Nanaa Mihgo.
Night Shift Confessions by HuntressDarkmoon
Tags: Romance, N G Evangelion, Strong Sexual Content, Lemon, Akagi Ritsuko, Ibuki Maya
After hiding her true feelings for Ritsuko for so long, Maya is forced to confess when Ritsuko returns a certain data disk to her.
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