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Story title
Sick Day by DeathMountain
Tags: Comedy, Romance, Gatekeepers 21, Fluff, Miu Manazaru, Ayane Isuzu
Miu starts to think that maybe being sick isn't so bad after all. (One-shot)
The Best of Mistakes by DeathMountain
Tags: Drama, Romance, Gatekeepers 21, Miu Manazaru, Ayane Isuzu
Ayane recieves some advice from Kageyama and Satoka when she realizes that she might have made a mistake. (One-shot)
Fushigi no Kuni ni Miyukichan: Never End by DeathMountain
Tags: Comedy, Mild Sexual Content, Miyuki-Chan/Wonderland
Miyuki-chan just can't stay out of trouble, can she?
Aphrodite's Woes by DeathMountain
Tags: Romance, Angst, Sailormoon, Usagi, Minako
In the Silver Millennium a lonely soldier watches her princess from afar. (One-shot)
Dinner For Two by DeathMountain
Tags: Comedy, Romance, Teen Titans
Raven is acting very strangely when she asks Starfire to join her for dinner. (One-shot)
Teabags by DeathMountain
Tags: General, Romance, Noir, Mireille Bouquet, Kirika Yuumura
After last episode. The first thing she did when she was up and about the apartment was raid the cabinets where they kept the teabags. One-shot.
The Evolution of Affection by DeathMountain
Tags: General, Romance, Mai Hime
Shiznat. Shizuru was instantly captivated when she met Natsuki in the garden, and from there her feelings only grew stronger.
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