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The Three Steps to Being Gay by Tache
Tags: Comedy, General, Mild Sexual Content, Out of Character, Sailormoon, Mild Language, Humor, Haruka, Michiru, Setsuna
After a bad date with a man, Haruka comes up with a plan to make Setsuna a lesbian.
Haruka's Parents by Tache
Tags: Comedy, Drama, General, Romance, Sailormoon, Mild Language, Humor, Haruka, Michiru
Haruka's parents come over one day and have a big surprise for her. What does this mean for her relationship with Michiru.
The Orgasm Heard Thoughout Ohtori by Tache
Tags: Comedy, Romance, Adult Language, Mild Sexual Content, Lime, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Utena, Anthy
Utena and Anthy finally realize their feelings for each other and share their love with the whole school.
The Saturday Night Party by Tache
Tags: Comedy, Mild Sexual Content, Lime, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Humor, Harem, Utena, Anthy
Utena gets bored of her and Anthy being the only ones in their dorm. She decides to throw a party, but it isn't a regular party.
The Rose Prince by Tache
Tags: Action/Adventure, Drama, General, Romance, Mild Sexual Content, Character Death, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Mild Language, Utena, Anthy
After three months of searching, Anthy has finally found Utena. Secrets are then revealed.
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