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Babydoll by Requiem
Tags: Original, Drama, Romance, Adult Language, Strong Sexual Content, Angst, Incest, Rape, Alternate Universe
This is Non-Beta-d so... you know just a warning although I did go through it with spellcheck so - Actually if someone wants to become my beta?I have the general story decided on but I'm still almost writing it as I go so the warnings are likely to change even if I have to delete and repost this story... actually I don't know what alot of the warnings are - MST? PWP? UBER? WAFF? What do they mean?This is my first story (and possibly last depending on if I can think up another one or not) so please R&R so I can hopefully improove.I'll probably put up a real summary when I'm done writing or if someone else has one to suggest... I'm lazy... well can't really use that sort of language here but if your old enough you can probably guess.
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