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Goddess' Light by KaitonLocke
Tags: Action/Adventure, Comedy, Original, Fantasy, Romance, Supernatural, Suspense, Tragedy, Adult Language, Strong Sexual Content
Kara, Mitsuko, Keia, and Jura are all re-united as both Keia and Jura enter college with Kara, while Mitsuko works at the restaurant as she did when she met Kara. Then, strange things begin to happen as Keia and Jura admit their love for one another. Then they meet Reiko and Ayako, and things get even stranger. What is going on and what does it pose for the six of them?
Romance at Christmas Time by KaitonLocke
Tags: Original, Romance, Fluff, Christmas
Erica and Ailynn celebrate christmas by exchanging gifts and confessing their love. Plenty of fluffy goodness.
For Law or Love by KaitonLocke
Tags: Original, Drama, Romance, Adult Language, Violence, Strong Sexual Content, Rape
Keiko Sanders and Sarah Hannigan or lovers in a cold and cruel soceity of anti-homosexuality. Can the two survive as fugitives on the run?
Aoyama 1/2 by KaitonLocke
Tags: Action/Adventure, Comedy, Ranmaverse Hustle!, Crossover, Romance, Love Hina, Out of Character, Ranma 1/2, Fluff, Mild Violence, Crossovers, Motoko Aoyama, Ukyou Kuonji, Shampoo, Ranma Saotome, Nodoka Saotome, Nabiki Tendou, Kodachi Kunou, Kasumi Tendou, Cologne, Akane Tendou, Other
Challenge: Ranmaverse Hustle! reply. Motoko goes on the infamous training trip with Genma and Ranma, but this time Nodoka was along for the ride. Given a curse, Motoko strives to get a cure and reclaim her place in her family.
All my Hentai by KaitonLocke
Tags: Comedy, Adult Language, Strong Sexual Content, Love Hina, Out of Character, Lemon, Incest, Fluff, Naru Narusegawa, Shinobu Maehara, Sera McDougal, Mutsumi Otohime, Motoko Aoyama, Mitsune Konno, Kaora Suu, Haruka Urashima

Love Hina: OC insertion into the place of Keitaro.
Reiko goes to meet her grandmother at the Hinata-sou. She quickly learns that this was her Obasama's ploy to get her tenant's a new, young lesbian manager. Naru, Haruka, Kitsune, and Su all make her feel welcome.

No Time for Tears by KaitonLocke, Asukalover88
Tags: Action/Adventure, Comedy, Romance, Adult Language, Violence, Angst, Rape, Alternate Universe, Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy X-2
Crossover with Final Fantasy 7/8/10/X-2. The GullWings have new members, but everything spirals out of control. The GullWings are faced with threats from the crew's mixed pasts, and A new Dark Queen is trying to ascend. Will the GullWings be able to save the day and find love as well?
Loss of a Lifetime by KaitonLocke
Tags: Tragedy, Character Death, Bleach
Bleach one shot. YoruichixSoi Fan. Declarations of love don't always mean a happy ending.
Fleur de L'amour by KaitonLocke
Tags: Romance, Fluff, Mild Language, One Piece
One Piece: NamixNico Robin. Stressful days can bring good surprises. Love blooms and Robin and Nami find happiness.
Destiny's Will by KaitonLocke
Tags: Action/Adventure, Crossover, Romance, Adult Language, Angst, Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy X-2, Crossovers, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII
Final Fantasy Crossover: Paine's lonely and hurting. Quistis is feeling mush the same. Seeking an end, Paine leaves the Celsius crew and travels to the calm lands. Quistis asks herself questions and waits for a change. Destiny intervenes and the two meet in the oddest way. What is waiting for them?
The REAL Ranma-'chan' by KaitonLocke
Tags: Action/Adventure, Comedy, Adult Language, Ranma 1/2, Alternate Universe, Ranma Saotome, Nabiki Tendou, Kasumi Tendou, Akane Tendou
Ranma Saotome, 'man among men', from the beginning and ina whole new light. What happens if he's not a 'dumb jock' and likes his curse?
Love's Storm by KaitonLocke
Tags: Romance, Out of Character, Angst, Bleach

Bleach: One Shot - Love is never easy. Tatsuki and Orihime discover this the painful way.

Non-believer by KaitonLocke
Tags: Original, Romance, Suspense, Dark
Life hasn't been fun for Rumi, and the one light in all of her darkness seems to be gone. Without her light, what will she do? [Written for a contest]
For the Love of Cats by KaitonLocke
Tags: Angst, Drama, Romance, For the Love of Azumanga Daioh, Angst, Dark, Mild Language, Azumanga Daioh, Kagura, Sakaki
Months into college, both Kagura and Sakaki have an enconter that will change their lives. Will it be for the better?
Mourning Mercury by KaitonLocke
Tags: Angst, Tragedy, Angst, Sailormoon, Character Death, Mild Violence, Ami, Makoto, Rei, Usagi, Minako
With the threat of a new enemy, the Senshi must cope with the loss of their friend. How can they cope with the death of Sailor Mercury?
The Awakening of Love and Fire by KaitonLocke
Tags: Action/Adventure, Angst, Romance, Adult Language, Mild Sexual Content, Out of Character, Angst, Sailormoon, Alternate Universe, Fluff, Mild Violence, Mild Language, Queen Serenity, Haruka, Hotaru, Michiru, Makoto, Rei, Setsuna, Usagi, Minako
After the death of a friend and comrade, the Senshi again face a foe with overwhelming power. With no sign of Jupiter and her new power, what fate will befall the Senshi? Can the warriors of Love and Justice prevail?
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