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A Beginning Song by VioletLotus
Tags: Original, Fantasy, Short Stories

Aldaliss is a world like many others with its companion planets and sun, all revolving around a common center. But there is a difference, as the sapient species on Aldaliss have only one sex; female.

This song cannot tell you how things came to be this way, for who knows the mysteries of life and divinity? But it is a story of beginnings, of life and existence as the Danaane tell it.

Thieves and Queens by VioletLotus
Tags: Original, Fantasy, Short Stories
Alderan's a petty pickpocket in the capital of the Sessanid Empire, one of the greatest countries on Aldaliss. Though being a pickpocket is not all Alderan does; she also takes special "assignments" to get back things which are "lost". This time, the client is quite a shock, and an important ring is in the possession of someone who shouldn't have it...
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