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To The Arms Of The Sea [Re-write] by Kara_Urquhart
Tags: Drama, Fantasy, Misc, Strong Sexual Content

Illiana is a young noblewoman who runs away from home and ends up working in a lowly tavern. She is beaten by the landlord who forces her to work for little, charges her more and whores her out to his customers. Finally Illiana has had enough, and decides that she has to run. But what happens when she runs right into the arms of a pirate queen?


EDIT: I have re-weritten Chapter 1, 2 and 3. Chapters 4 & 5 are in the works!!

The Death of Rachel by Kara_Urquhart
Tags: Misc, Tragedy, Character Death

A vampire (Illiana) and a succubus warrior(Rachel) are in love, but Rachel is the protector of Illiana's unknowing daughter Imogen, who will finally take down the barrior that is slowly destroying the two worlds.

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