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Coming Home by Blackwolf58
Tags: Original, Romance, Mild Language, Short Stories

Allison's best friend and secret love, Sarah, disappeared 6 years ago after a tragic accident. Now she's back, but she's not the same Sarah. Can Allison's love bring Sarah back from the darkness, or will she lose Sarah forever?

Alive by Blackwolf58
Tags: Angst, Original, Mild Sexual Content
She lost everything with one horrible attack.  Her family, her husband.  Since then she's been living as a hired assassin by the government.  Not feeling, not really living, everything changes with one chance meeting.  Now she must choose between what she's supposed to do, and what she's feeling for the first time in 10 years?  This is her story.
In love with death by Blackwolf58
Tags: Original, Misc, Romance, Mild Sexual Content
Do you know what it feels like to lay your life on the line for the one you love?  No.  Then let me tell you.
Forbidden Love by Blackwolf58
Tags: Original, Romance, The Anomaly Stories
Maurice fell in love with Emily when they first met.  The only problem is that Maurice is a vampire, and being in love with a human is forbidden.  So, what will Maurice do?  The only thing she can...she's going to break the rules.
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