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Meaning in the Numbers, A Blip in Read or Dream by Vexed Fusion
Tags: Romance, Read or Die, Fluff, Maggie Mui, Michelle Cheung
Just as the title says ;)  Actually, it's light fluff between Maggie and Michelle (gomen darkwoofe!!)
Read or Dream: Thanksgiving by Vexed Fusion
Tags: Comedy, Read or Die, Fluff, Yomiko Readman, Anita King, Maggie Mui, Michelle Cheung, Nenene Sumiregawa, Hisami
A holiday dinner with some of the Read or Dream gang! (You'll have to really know the characters and series to be able to follow this ^^;;; )
Flesh (AU Kiddy Grade) by Vexed Fusion
Tags: Action/Adventure, Angst, Mystery, Romance, Supernatural, Adult Language, Violence, Mild Sexual Content, Lemon, Character Death, Alternate Universe, Mild Violence, Mild Language, Kiddy Grade

Eclair has awoken to find that she has been turned into a werewolf.  She wants to know who did this to her and why.  But first she must find her one true love or else fall prey to the demon's curse.

A Barren Corn Field by Vexed Fusion
Tags: Angst, Original, Angst, Mild Violence, Slice of Life, Short Stories
A short fiction I wrote for my intermediate fiction writing course.  It is about a woman who houses several Chinese teenagers, who are used in prostitution, in rural Indiana.  The main story is about one of the girls she meets several months into the job.
Graduation Night (Aoi Hana One-Shot) by Vexed Fusion
Tags: Drama, Misc, Romance, Strong Sexual Content, Mild Sexual Content, Lemon, Fluff, Slice of Life, Aoi Hana (Sweet Blue Flowers), Okudaira Akira, Manjoume Fumi
A one-shot of what happens on graduation night between Fumi and Akira.
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