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Chaotic prince by jupitersthunder
Tags: Crossover, Ranma 1/2, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Alternate Universe, Utena
Crossover of Utena and Ranma. The worlds of the Revalutoins of Utena's world and the chaos of that of which is Ranma's life meet head on.
Lost Princess by jupitersthunder
Tags: Drama, Sailormoon, Alternate Universe, Setsuna
This is the story of the sole survivor of a once great kingdom. This is about her journey to gain her will to live and maybe her will to love again. I'm a bit twitchy right now, so I might make some errors. Oh this is a sailormoon story. 1st chap. redone
Wilted Hope by jupitersthunder
Tags: Angst, Character Death, Short Stories
This is a story of a promised broken and the conseqences of breaking them.
Eternaly Falling by jupitersthunder
Tags: Original, Romance, Angst
Once you fall you either get back up or you continue to fall.
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