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Love is Blue by MadPanda
Tags: Angst, Romance, Sailormoon, Humor, Ami, Haruka, Michiru, Makoto, Rei, Minako
Makoto has closed her heart.  Ami wishes to open it, but she's having trouble expressing her feelings.  Sometimes it takes more than words...
Part of an Unbalanced Breakfast by MadPanda
Tags: Sailormoon, Humor, Rei, Minako

Rei is tired and hungry.  Luckily for her, Minako's got just the thing...

A silly more, no less.

Choukuko's Dog by MadPanda
Tags: Original, Drama, Romance, Mild Violence, Mild Language

Two very different girls try to forge a friendship despite Japan's unspoken cultural bias.  Please read & review.

The Rabbit's Game by MadPanda
Tags: Original, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Adult Language, Violence, Character Death, Incest, Mild Language, Humor
A young woman seeks to find a cure for her cursed visions.  Can she find it--and love--before time runs out?
Kitsune & The Grapes by MadPanda
Tags: Fantasy, Misc, Shoujo-ai Ever After: The Faerie Tale Project
(Based on "The Fox & The Grapes" by Aesop)  A fox spirit learns a harsh lesson.  Part of the "Shoujo-ai Ever After" series.
Tausif's Partner by MadPanda
Tags: Original, Romance, Fluff, Short Stories

(One-shot) A woman and her partner discuss a very unusual proposal.

A Song for the Empress by MadPanda
Tags: Drama, Fantasy, Misc, Romance, Shoujo-ai Ever After: The Faerie Tale Project
(Based on "The Emperor & The Nightingale") - A lonely Empress becomes enchanted by a young, free-spirited singer, but what happens when the singer's love is betrayed?
Rabbit's Game 2: Three Realms by MadPanda
Tags: Action/Adventure, Misc, Short Stories

The realms of gods and humans are endangered by a single event--one Alexa and Misaki must prevent.  And Kurumi brings the Muses to Earth--with the mischevious goddess Eris on her trail!

Nine Lives by MadPanda
Tags: Action/Adventure, Original, Romance, Sci-Fi, Violence, Mild Language, Novels
A young reporter's interview with a mysterious woman changes her life in more ways than she can imagine.  Together, they uncover one of America's biggest secrets.
Girl on a Train by MadPanda
Tags: Original, Romance, Mild Language, Short Stories
A random encounter on a subway train gives Sadete the chance to help mend a broken heart...and maybe fill a hole in her own. Angsty/romantic one-shot.
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