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Kind Name
character A.B.A
character Adelle DeWitt
character Ahsoka Tano
character Aihara Makoto
character Aisha
character Akagi Ritsuko
character Akane Tendou
character Akito Sohma
character Aleksandra I. Pokryshkin
character Alex
character Alexandra
character Alice
character Alice Kingsleigh
character Alicia Lohmeyer
character Alister
character Alyssa
character Amata Almodovar
character Ami
character Amy
character Amy
character Anita King
character Anko
character Anna
character Anthy
character Anya
character Anya Alstreim
character Apache
character Aries
character Arisa Uotani
character Aruf
character Asajj Ventress
character Asami Sato
character Ashe
character Asuka Soryu Langley
character Aurora E. Juutilainen
character Ayame
character Ayanami Rei
character Ayane Isuzu
character Ayeka
character Ayumi
character Azula
character Azusa Aoi
character B'Elanna
character Baiken
character Barriss Offee
character Batgirl/Barbara Gordon
character Blackfire
character Bonnie
character Brittany S. Pierce
character Brooke
character Buffy
character C.C
character Carly Shay
character Cat Valentine
character Catwoman/Selina Kyle
character Cécile Croomy
character Celes
character Chandra Nalaar
character Charlotte E. Yeager
character Chibi-Usa
character Chie Hallard
character Chiyo
character Chizuru
character Chloe
character Christine Royce
character Claire
character Claire Saunders/Whiskey
character Cleo de Nile
character Clover
character Cologne
character Cordelia
character Cornelia li Britannia
character Dawn
character Demona
character Dinah Lance
character Dizzy
character Donna
character Echo/Caroline
character Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen
character Elisa Maza
character Elle
character Ellis
character Erica Hartmann
character Erstin Ho
character Euphemia li Britannia
character Faith
character Fate Testarossa
character Fluttershy
character Fran
character Francesca Lucchini
character Frankie Stein
character Fujin
character Fujino, Shizuru
character Funaho
character Gertrud Barkhorn
character Ginny
character Giuseppina Cenni
character Glory
character Greer, Miyu
character Gwen
character Haineko
character Halibel
character Hallie Piatt
character Hanabi
character Hanna-Justina Marseille
character Hannah
character Harada, Chie
character Harley Quinn/Harleen Quinzel
character Haruka
character Haruka Armitage
character Haruka Urashima
character Hayate Yagami
character Heidemarie W. Schnaufer
character Heinrike Prinzessin zu Sayn-Wittgenstein
character Hermione
character Himeno, Fumi
character Himeno, Fumi
character Hinamori Momoko
character Hinata
character Hinaugi Tomoe
character Hinomoto Fujiko/Evil Rose
character Hinomoto Reiko
character Hisami
character Hiyori
character Hiyori Tamura
character Horaki Hikari
character Hotaru
character Howleen Wolf
character Huberta von Bonin
character I-no
character Ibuki Maya
character Ino
character Integra Hellsing
character Iracebeth/Red Queen
character Isane
character Isane
character Ise Nanao
character Jade Harley
character Jade West
character Jam Kuradoberi
character Janeway
character Jennifer
character Jinx
character Jo
character Josie
character Joyce
character Juilet Nao Zhang
character Juri
character Kagami Hiiragi
character Kagura
character Kagura Mayo
character Kaho Mizuki
character Kallen Stadtfeld
character Kanade
character Kanako Urashima
character Kaname Kugatachi “Freya"
character Kanaya Maryam
character Kaora Suu
character Kaorin
character Karin
character Kasumi Tendou
character Katara
character Katniss Everdeen
character Katsuragi Misato
character Kazahana, Mashiro
character Kennedy
character Kikukawa, Yukino
character Kim
character Kin
character Kirika Yuumura
character Kisara Nanjō "Valkyrie"
character Kiyone
character Kodachi Kunou
character Konata Izumi
character Korra
character KOS-MOS
character Kozue
character Kuga, Natsuki
character Kurenai
character Kuroi Mato/Black Rock Shooter
character Kusajishi
character Layla Ashley
character Leblanc
character Leona
character Lianne
character Lightning
character Liliana Vess
character Lilly
character Lily
character Lilynette
character Lin Beifong
character Lina Inverse
character Linna
character Lisa
character Lolly
character Lucretia
character Lulu
character Lulu
character Luna
character Lynette Bishop
character Mac
character Madge Undersee
character Maggie Mui
character Makoto
character Mandy
character Manjoume Fumi
character Mao
character Marceline the Vampire Queen
character Marcie Howe
character Marianne vi Britannia
character Marller
character Martha Jones
character Mashiro
character Mashiro Blan de Windbloom
character May
character May Hopkins
character Mayha Blythe
character Meg
character Meiling
character Melody
character Menoly
character Meowlody
character Meryl Stryfe
character Michelle Cheung
character Michiru
character Midori
character Mihoshi
character Mikoto
character Mila Rose
character Milla Rage
character Milly Ashford
character Milly Thompson
character Minagi, Mikoto
character Minako
character Minami Iwaskai
character Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke
character Mio Sakamoto
character Mirage
character Mirana/White Queen
character Mireille Bouquet
character Misaki
character Missy
character Misty
character Misty Brown
character Mitsune Konno
character Miu Manazaru
character Miyako Taema
character Miyu
character Miyuki Takara
character Moegi
character Momo
character Monica
character Monique
character Morisato Megumi
character Motoko Aoyama
character Ms. Hinako
character Munakata, Shiho
character Muriel Spencer
character Mutsumi Otohime
character Nabiki Tendou
character Nadie
character Naga
character Nagi
character Nagisa
character Nanami
character Nancy Makumari
character Nanoha Takamachi
character Naru Narusegawa
character Natsuki Kruger
character Nei
character Neliel (Nel)
character Nemo
character Nemu
character Nene
character Nenene Sumiregawa
character Nico Robin
character Nicole
character Nikka Edvardine Katajainen
character Nina Einstein
character Nina Wang
character Nissa Revane
character Nodoka Saotome
character Nunnally Lamperouge
character Nyamo
character Octavia
character Oerba Dia Vanille
character Oerba Yun Fang
character Okudaira Akira
character Orihime
character Osaka
character Other
character Paine
character Paiway
character Pansy
character Parker
character Penelo
character Peppermint Patty
character Perrine-H. Clostermann
character Poison Ivy/Pamela Isley
character Princess Bubblegum
character Priss
character Purrsephone
character Queen Serenity
character Quistis
character Rainbow Dash
character Rakshata Chawla
character Rally Vincent
character Rangiku
character Ranma Saotome
character Raven
character Rebecca Candy Cane Walsh
character Rei
character Relm
character Riff Raff
character Rikku
character Rikku
character Robecca Steam
character Rose Lalonde
character Rose Tyler
character Roxy Lalonde
character Rue
character Rukia
character Ryoko
character Sae
character Sagisawa, Yohko
character Sai
character Sakaki
character Saki "Hana" Hanajima
character Sakura
character Sakura
character Sam
character Sam
character Sam Puckett
character Sanada, Yukariko
character Sancia
character Santana Lopez
character Sanya V. Litvyak
character Sara Gallagher
character Sasami
character Satsu
character Scarlet
character Scootaloo
character Searrs, Alyssa
character Seiya
character Selena
character Selphie
character Senoh, Aoi
character Senoh, Aoi
character Sera McDougal
character Seras Victoria
character Setsuna
character Seven
character Shamal
character Shampoo
character Shego
character Shiho Huit
character Shinobu Maehara
character Shion
character Shiori
character Shirley Fenette
character Shizuma
character Shizune
character Shizuru Viola
character Shunu
character Signum
character Soifon
character Sonomi Daidouji
character Starfire
character Sugiura, Midori
character Sumika Murasame
character SunSun
character Suzuki Miya
character Suzume
character Suzushiro, Haruka
character Sylia
character Sylphiel
character Sylvie
character Takanashi Yomi/Dead Master
character Tamao
character Tammy
character Tara
character Tatiana
character Tatsuki
character Tatsuki
character Tayuya
character Temari
character Tennoujo Shion
character TenTen
character Terra
character The Lone Wanderer
character Tifa
character Tobiume
character Tohru Honda
character Tokiha, Mai
character Tokiha, Mai
character Tomo
character Tomoe Hachisuka
character Tomoyo
character Toph
character Torako
character Toralei Stripe
character Tori Vega
character Tsukasa Hiiragi
character Tsunade
character Ty Lee
character Ukyou Kuonji
character Uni
character Unohana
character Urd
character Ursula Hartmann
character Ururu
character Usagi
character Ushio Kazama
character Utena
character Valerie
character Veronica
character Veronica Santangelo
character Vesta
character Villetta Nu
character Vinyl Scratch
character Violet
character Vita
character Vriska Serket
character Wakaba
character Washu
character Wendy
character Wendy
character Willow
character Yohko Helene
character Yomi
character Yomiko Readman
character Yoruichi
character Yoshika Miyafuji
character Yuffie
character Yukari
character Yukariko Steinberg
character Yukino
character Yukino Crysant
character Yumemiya, Arika
character Yuna
character Yuna
character Yutaka Kobayakawa
character Yuuki, Nao
character Yuzu