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The Last Days of Ashvalaria by thedarkworld
Tags: Original, Fantasy, Romance, Adult Language, Violence, Strong Sexual Content, The Last Days, Short Stories
Iliyana is the queen of a small country called Ashvalaria which has been at war with Dragavia for thirty years. At peace negotiations, she is presented with a slave as a gift. Naming her Kendra, she promises to give her freedom and an education. As the two grow closer, they are drawn into a struggle between their feelings and the future of Ashvalaria.
The Last Days of Crystalia by thedarkworld
Tags: Action/Adventure, Angst, Original, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Mild Sexual Content, Mild Violence, The Last Days
Sequel to The Last Days of Ashvalaria. Kendra and Iliyana escaped the fall of Ashvalaria, but a year later Iliyana is still riddled with guilt about the people and the kingdom she left behind...
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