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As They Should Be (V2) by YuriFanGirl
Tags: Comedy, Romance, Mild Sexual Content, Lime, Mild Language, WAFF, Hime/Otome Love, Mai-Otome, Mashiro Blan de Windbloom, Yumemiya, Arika
An Otome's love for her Queen, a Queen's uncertain heart, and a plot to change the world with love.  Part One of my Hime/Otome Love series.
Generations (V2) by YuriFanGirl
Tags: Angst, Comedy, Drama, Romance, Mild Sexual Content, Character Death, Mild Violence, Mild Language, Hime/Otome Love, Mai Hime, Mai-Otome, Tokiha, Mai, Mikoto
A glimpse into three of the lifetimes Mai and Mikoto have shared throughout their many incarnations.  Part Two of my Hime/Otome Love series.
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