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Fist of the Necoconeco by Guu_chan
Tags: Action/Adventure, Comedy, Parody, Romance, Violence, Angst, Alternate Universe, Azumanga Daioh, Kagura, Kaorin, Nyamo, Sakaki, Tomo, Yomi, Yukari
Poor Sakaki's life gets turned into a bad shônen fighting manga! [Azumanga Daioh] Interlude and Chp 14 added
After by jsyxx
Tags: Comedy, Drama, Romance, Adult Language, Lime, Azumanga Daioh, Kaorin, Tomo
Years after graduation, Kaorin is getting harassed at work, is lonely, and is miserable in general. Then one day she has a chance encounter with someone from her past.
My Life as A Succubus by Anime Lover
Tags: Action/Adventure, Angst, Comedy, Original, Crossover, Drama, General, Parody, Romance, Adult Language, Violence, Strong Sexual Content, Self Insertion, Angst, Lemon, Character Death, Lime, Incest, Rape, BDSM, Fluff, Humor, Crossovers, Azumanga Daioh, Chiyo, Kaorin, Nyamo, Osaka, Sakaki, Tomo, Yomi, Yukari
My longest series that tells the story about one teen half-succubus and her girlfriend.Special appearances by the characters of Azumanga Diaho and Morrgan and Lilith from Darkstalkers
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