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Mass Rape Much? by Anime Lover
Tags: Comedy, Strong Sexual Content, Lemon, PWP, Rape, Totally Spies, Clover, Alex, Sam
Had this idea when I was heading to bed one night, so I typed it up. because of that, the storyline is pretty weird, the spies go to an underground place and discovers a bunch of naked girl's, then later on, discover another batch of girl's, but hooked up to a wall, where they then meet an (old) lady... But theirs a surprise at the end ^_^
Truth or Dare by jsyxx
Tags: Romance, Mild Sexual Content, Mild Language, Humor, Totally Spies, Clover, Alex, Mandy, Sam
Once again, the girls play truth or dare with Mandy.  This time, however, it goes much further than any of them could have imagined.
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