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Hentai-Dye's Tales: Skies of Arcadia Legends by Hentai Dye
Tags: General, Lemon, Skies of Arcadia
Belleza and Merida in Yafutoma. Yes, odd set-up, ain't it. Lemon.
Under The Red Moon by thedarkworld
Tags: Romance, Strong Sexual Content, Lemon, Skies of Arcadia
Skies of Arcadia Aika/Fina fanfic. A PWP set in the time when Vyse is trapped on the deserted island and Aika and Fina are together without him.
Aika's love for a Silvite by Egami Rorrim
Tags: Romance, Lemon, Skies of Arcadia
While stranded in Nasrad, Aika and Fina try to find jobs to be able to afford a ship.  During their stay, Aika's feelings for Fina begin to surge.  Then, she is given a chance to express them.  Will she take it?
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