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The Heroine of Hyrule by writer jm
Tags: Action/Adventure, Romance, Zelda
After an accident involving magic, Zelda's bonded to one of her competitors for Link's affections. Shoujo-ai. Should include some humor.Zelda
The Lost Years by AdventFalls
Tags: Action/Adventure, Comedy, General, Romance, Violence, Mild Sexual Content, Out of Character, Mild Language, Zelda
(Legend of Zelda)- What would've happened if Ganondorf had known what Link was destined to do? A humorous look at what changes, and why it isn't quite a happy ending just yet. Takes place during and after Ocarina of Time.
Hold Me by Grain
Tags: Fantasy, Romance, Strong Sexual Content, Lemon, Zelda
LoZ:OOT When Zelda is taken to safety by Impa after Ganon takes over Hyrule the two live together for many years while in hiding. The maturing Zelda can’t help but develop an attraction to her guardian.
Attached by Grain
Tags: Action/Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Sci-Fi, Adult Language, Violence, Strong Sexual Content, Lemon, Zelda, Metroid, Super Smash Bros
Samus and Zelda both feel alienated from the rest of the world, but for very different reasons. They find in each other a counter to their feelings of isolation, and so much more.
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