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The Devil and Miss Urd by Shanejayell
Tags: Urd, Marller, Ah My Goddess, Romance
In the aftermath of a failed scheme Mara must come to grips with her feelings for Urd.
Oh My Goddess: Ladies' Retreat by Shanejayell
Tags: Urd, Morisato Megumi, Fantasy, Ah My Goddess, Out of Character

Megumi and friends go on a little retreat.. only to discover something unexpected.

It's the Little Things, Emma by Yimmy
Tags: Comedy, Drama, Ah My Goddess, Adult Language, X-Men
An OMG/X-Men crossover that takes place in my "What if Emma..." series (Chapter 4 to be specific).  It's Christmas and Emma doesn't like that very much.  Urd to the rescue!
Racer's Heart by Shanejayell
Tags: Comedy, Ah My Goddess, Out of Character
Chihiro finds a new interest...
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