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Story title
30 Nights of wonder by theo
Tags: Drama, Maria-sama ga Miteru
Some Rei/ Yoshino oneshots written for the 30 nights challenge.
Maria-sama Marriage Madness by writer jm
Tags: Comedy, Romance, Out of Character, Incest, Fluff, Humor, Maria-sama ga Miteru
Another fic where Sachiko's getting married. However, this time Sei takes steps to interfere... with a little help from Yumi.
The Flight Out by Astra
Tags: Romance, Maria-sama ga Miteru
Yumi and Sei have a personal conversation.
The Legacy by Astra
Tags: General, Maria-sama ga Miteru
A Lillian high school student comes to interview Sei.
Out of Reach by Astra
Tags: General, Maria-sama ga Miteru
Youko is dealing with Sei's relationship with Shiori.
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