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A Million Reasons by Ororo
Tags: Drama, Romance, Adult Language, A Million Reasons, Strong Sexual Content, Lemon, Lime, GARGOYLES, Alternate Universe, Gargoyles

A simple night of passion becomes complicated. Fox/Elisa

Made revisions so that it ties in better with next part of story. I removed the parts of the story that involved David Xanatos watching Fox and Elisa make love. So story is more Fox and Elisa. Added another chapter with the hookers to tie in serial killer. R&R

To Catch A Killer by Ororo
Tags: Action/Adventure, Angst, Drama, Mystery, Romance, Suspense, Violence, A Million Reasons, Strong Sexual Content, Dark, GARGOYLES, Rape, Mild Language, Gargoyles
This is a sequel to "A Million Reasons" and starts out somewhat dark. A killer is targeting prostitutes. Elisa and Matt are taken off the case when an even more dangerous threat arises. 6 and & added. Chp 7 rewritten and revised 08-11-07
Moonlit by Jessica Knight
Tags: Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Supernatural, Gargoyles, Demona, Elisa Maza
Dominique Destine has a secret, a secret life full of tragedy and magic that she's lived for a thousand years. In all that time, she's learned one lesson above all: Don't trust humans, ever. So then, when police detective Elisa Maza comes to her rescue one night when she really needs it, how is it that she suddenly finds herself ignoring that lesson in the worst way possible, by falling in love?
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