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What If Emma... by Yimmy
Tags: Drama, Tragedy, Angst, Character Death, Dark, X-Men
Emma/Various. This is styled after the old "What If..." Marvel comics that examined an AU plot and followed it to its dismal conclusion. Every chapter is standalone and concerns something random, something Emma, and some other woman. This first chapter asks the question: "What if Emma married Betsy?"
The Turnabout by Yimmy
Tags: Drama, X-Men
A teacher-student relationship... with a disturbing twist. Written in reponse to Princess Alexandria's taboo challenge.
Astonishing X-Men: Past Sins by Shanejayell
Tags: Drama, X-Men
Sins of the past come back to haunt Emma Frost
Taikai no Itteki by Yimmy
Tags: Drama, Romance, X-Men
Betsy/Kwannon. Two women make sense of their existence and start on a new journey.
Diamonds, Dames, and Deception by Yimmy
Tags: Action/Adventure, Drama, Romance, Adult Language, Violence, X-Men
Emma/Betsy. Psylocke's back just in time to stumble into a world of hurt. As always with the X-Men, Emma gets dragged along for the ride.
Double Trouble by TheM
Tags: Comedy, Drama, General, Mild Sexual Content, Alternate Universe, X-Men
Jubilee and M deal with rooming together in a room next to their doubles from another universe Jubilee/M
An Unconventional Relationship by TheM
Tags: General, X-Men
The teacher student relationship has a bit of a twist when the teacher and student are Emma and Jubilee.
Mornings, Loves, and Sundaes by TheM
Tags: General, X-Men
Paige find out who Jubilee has a crush while Jubilee is helping her with some shopping.
To Have It All by Yimmy
Tags: Drama, Adult Language, Strong Sexual Content, X-Men
One night before her wedding, Lorna hears something from Jean. Sex ensues. Might be the first (and only) Lorna/Spiral story...
Masks, A tale of the X-Men by Shanejayell
Tags: Drama, Mild Sexual Content, Out of Character, X-Men
Kitty gets a surprise when she attends a certain Halloween party.
As I Remember It... by Yimmy
Tags: Comedy, Drama, Romance, Adult Language, Strong Sexual Content, X-Men
[Femslash: Emma/Ororo] A brief story about Emma Grace Frost as told by her closest confidant: her life, her struggles, and her reasons for doing what she does.
For Mature Audiences by Allaine
Tags: Action/Adventure, Drama, Romance, Alternate Universe, Marvel Universe, X-Men
Storm isn't happy when she finds herself the prisoner of Mojo, and the star of his most daring television program yet. Neither is her costar - Spiral. A response to the Storm challenge at the xmenfemslash Yahoogroup.
The Bitter and the Sweet by Yimmy
Tags: Action/Adventure, Romance, Adult Language, Violence, Strong Sexual Content, X-Men
Romance is a very risque thing...
Steel Sapphires and Shattered Emeralds by Stephanie
Tags: Romance, Adult Language, Violence, Angst, Dark, Rape, X-Men
Following a wave of mutant murders Sage realises that they have a serial killer on their hands, and he could be targeting the LAPD coroner that she's been working with.
It's the Little Things, Emma by Yimmy
Tags: Comedy, Drama, Ah My Goddess, Adult Language, X-Men
An OMG/X-Men crossover that takes place in my "What if Emma..." series (Chapter 4 to be specific).  It's Christmas and Emma doesn't like that very much.  Urd to the rescue!
Masquerade by Stephanie
Tags: Romance, Adult Language, Strong Sexual Content, X-Men
Emma gets an invitation to a masked ball.
Run by Stephanie
Tags: Action/Adventure, Romance, Mild Sexual Content, Fluff, Mild Violence, X-Men
Curiosity sparks flames, and the hunt is on
The Parity Shift by Yimmy
Tags: Action/Adventure, Drama, Romance, Adult Language, Violence, Angst, Alternate Universe, X-Men
The sequel to "Diamonds, Dames, and Deception."  While the X-Men prepare to reopen the mansion, the perfect storm of catacylismic events brew.  In the eye of the storm?  Emma.
Persona by Stephanie
Tags: Drama, Adult Language, Violence, Mild Sexual Content, Angst, BDSM, X-Men
Sage and Emma are captured and thrown together in a situation where neither of them are in control.
I Know by Yimmy
Tags: Drama, Adult Language, Mild Sexual Content, Angst, X-Men
There are tragedies and then there are Tragedies.  This is one of them.
Unreadable by Yimmy
Tags: Angst, Drama, Romance, Adult Language, Angst, X-Men
What if the X-Men didn't quite believe Betsy's most recent ressurrection? What if they pushed her away instead?
Unfathomable by Yimmy
Tags: Drama, Romance, Adult Language, Violence, Strong Sexual Content, Angst, Dark, Alternate Universe, X-Men
Sequel to "Unreadable."  After a few months of bliss, the world encroaches upon Betsy and Vivian's relationship.  Their biggest problem?  Sebastian Shaw.
Mercenary Values by Stephanie
Tags: Drama, General, Adult Language, Strong Sexual Content, Fluff, Mild Violence, X-Men

You can only deal with a psychopathic boss for so long, and Birdie's had enough. So she heads to the Tar Pit, a mercenary bar that lives up to its reputation, not expecting a run in with a sympathetic blonde in the form of Belladonna Boudreaux.

karma and the x-men season 1 by shiro2012
Tags: Action/Adventure, Crossover, General, Romance, Supernatural, Adult Language, Violence, Noir, Lemon, Alternate Universe, Mireille Bouquet, X-Men, Kirika Yuumura, Birds of Prey, Burst Angel, Gen13, Mai Hime, Bleach, Spider-Man, Runaways, Blood: The Last Vampire, Soifon, Yoruichi, Orihime, Tatsuki, Rangiku, Tokiha, Mai, Minagi, Mikoto, Dinah Lance, Jo, Meg, Sai

this is a remake of wolverine and the x-men but what if instead of wolverine leading the x-men karma leads them.

batwoman begins by shivacanary2016
Tags: DC Universe, X-Men, Batman, Gen13, Spider-Man, Runaways
crime and corruption control gotham city a city no one believe's can be saved until billionare kathrine kane and her cousin elizabeth kane becomes vilgilante's at night to takedown the crimalnal's and protect after voluntering for a supersoldier serum experiment conducted by kane enterprise. when a new threat to gotham city comes to kill the citizen's of gotham it's up to them and a few of their allies including recently promoted metahuman deputy inspector maggie sawyer head of the major crimes unit and leader of the entire police force.
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