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Recording by Chiharu-ronin
Tags: Comedy, Romance, Adult Language, Mild Sexual Content, Lemon, Incest, K-ON!

After playing a concert at one of the most chaotic bars run by a lecherous bartender the Light Music Club decides to try and record an album. MioxRitsu / YuixAzusa / MugixSawako. M-rated for later chapters.

The ABCs of KON! by Sakura Blossoms
Tags: Romance, K-ON!
The Sweet ABCs of Life
K-On: The Return by Shanejayell
Tags: Alternate Universe, Slice of Life, K-ON!
It's been several years since Mio has been in 'After School Tea Time.' She has a nice job, good friends and a nice life. So why has Yui appeared?
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