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A eventfull Sleepover. by Jdwheels
Tags: Angst, General, Romance, Strong Sexual Content, Angst, Lemon, PWP, WAFF, Disney's Recess

Spinnelli does not want to stay with a aunt that drives her nuts.  When she stays with her only female friend she has ever Gretchen Grundler... things seem to change pretty fast. **Rewritten from my original fanFic OneShot**

Hidden from View: An Eventfull Sleepover continues. by Jdwheels
Tags: Angst, Romance, Strong Sexual Content, Lemon, PWP, Fluff, WAFF, Harem, Disney's Recess

After a night of pure discovery, Ashley Spinnelli worries about Gretchen's seemingly was trying to ignore her now the day after.  She is unsure of everything right now... the tough Tomboy does have a heart, it seems... will it be broken, or will her new found love make her stronger?

**The next installment of the Disney's Recess Yuri FanFic**

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