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Familiar Unfamiliarity by Love-is-god
Tags: General, Hidamari Sketch

Another year of school to come, another year of tears and laughs, another year of experiences to be had and stories to be made.

Held fast by bonds of friendship, the four girls of the Hidamari Apartments think to live their lives as always this year.

But things have a way of changing under your nose, and Yuno finds herself scrambling to hold together the people she cares about, confronted first by mysterious conflict in her two most unshakable friends, and also working to unravel what she really feels for the friend that always manages to put a smile on her face.

Still-life Sketch in Motion by Love-is-god
Tags: Comedy, Romance, Mild Sexual Content, Humor, Hidamari Sketch

    Farewell Yamabuki High School, hello the thrills and adventures of a lifetime!

    In  college, in careers, in luck and in love, where will the girls previously of the Hidamari Apartments find themselves going on the road of life? 

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