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Five Romances of Miss Spencer by angelronin
Tags: Romance, Mild Sexual Content, Mild Language, Rumble Roses, Aisha, Muriel Spencer, Rebecca Candy Cane Walsh, Aihara Makoto, Hinomoto Reiko, Hinomoto Fujiko/Evil Rose

Five different pairings of Ms. Spencer

Teacher-Student Relationship by angelronin
Tags: General, Mild Sexual Content, Mild Language, Rumble Roses, Muriel Spencer, Rebecca Candy Cane Walsh
50 sentnces about Ms.Spencer and Candy Cane.
Twilight of the Law by Rhanar Narra-Jar
Tags: Action/Adventure, Fantasy, Romance, Self Insert, Adult Language, Violence, Strong Sexual Content, Self Insertion, Incest, BDSM, Humor, Rumble Roses

Reiko and Dixie has so far only known each other each time their limbs almost broke as they collided in the arena; after each of them has turned to a darker side of life, their lives somehow become intertwined.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I do not own RUMBLE ROSES or its trademarks or the rights for either RUMBLE ROSESĀ or RUMBLE ROSES XX.

The Rattlesnake Rose has bloomed by RattlesnakeRose
Tags: Action/Adventure, Rumble Roses
this is the story of the very first male to join the lineup of ladies that make up the rumble roses
When the Wrestling Stops by RattlesnakeRose
Tags: General, Adult Language, Mild Violence, Rumble Roses
an M Rated story about how Candy Cane's smart alec mouth and disrespectful attitude lead her to write a check her ass can't cash when Dixie Clemets is forced to team up with her in a tag team match against Tina Armstrong and Hitomi members of a rival promotion.
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